Karen Bio_amazonKaren lived most of her childhood traveling around the world with her parents who taught English and life skills to poverty stricken families in destitute third world countries. The language and cultural skills she learned gave her a leg up as anoperative in the secret service filtering out terrorists and saving communities everywhere–

Okay, okay. Too good to be true? So she daydreamed of that kind of life, but really lived another kind of dream life–the American dream–growing up in the small farm town of Ephrata, Washington, living with a large family (seven other siblings and two fabulous parents), working her way through college, meeting the man of her dreams and marrying him right after graduation, landing that job that escalated her along in her chosen career of technical writing, moving to San Jose, California, (home to some of the country’s best weather and gorgeous landscape), adding two beautiful children to her family, quitting her paying job for the incredibly satisfying job of full-time mother, home manager, school and church volunteer. Yes. That’s the honest truth. And it has been a wonderful dream life.

But it’s also true that a little piece of Karen’s soul resonated with movies such as The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (her favorite movie so far, the original and the remake) and True Lies in which the characters moved beyond the mundane. It turns out that part of her had been trying to escape for a very long time and finally got free! Now that she has had a taste of the writer’s life, she’s going to ride that ship as long as she can and see where it takes her. So while Karen still wears a lot of hats, and her family and friends occasionally wonder if she went off the grid again, nose to the keyboard, or staring at nothing lost in her own thoughts, they are supportive and encouraging always. And Karen is eternally grateful and hopes that her writing will provide that vicarious escape for someone else who needs to get away from reality for a moment.