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Book Trailer

Secrets of the Sleeper: Book One of The True Nature Series is out now! 


“I couldn’t live without her. I was trying and failing…”

Tru Parker is slowly awaking from a debilitating depression, still healing from the death of her mother and processing her part in it. Her father is urging her to see a psychiatrist for the nightmares.

My nightmares were like scenes from horror movies played over and over again—something chasing me, people dying, animals attacking, people turning into monsters. Yeah, messed up.

Ruthie, her BFF is charging full steam ahead with her plan to help Tru re-make her reputation.

“Would you stop with that zombie thing, Tru? No one will remember last year. That’s the beauty of high school, you get to reboot your rep every year.”

Over the summer Tru received Mother Nature’s makeover, finally turning the corner on childhood and filling out in more ways than one, making her hopeful that the rest of her life will also change for the better.

The first day of her junior year brings the dreaded stares and awkward moments, but it also brings new friends—specifically, two boys who are about to change everything about her school experience. Who are they really? And can she trust her feelings?

My fright had vanished and suddenly I was mad. Who did he think he was? “Are you on drugs or something?” Seriously, nothing else made sense.

Something between a cough and a laugh forced itself out of Isaac’s mouth. “No. Just not myself for a second.” He turned to face me. “Uh, I guess I have a temper problem.”

“No kidding.” I rubbed my sore arm. He watched me with those sad puppy dog eyes. Now I was feeling sorry for him. Man, he was good.

New friends also bring mystery and danger that coincidentally keep bringing Tru back to the death of her mother. Or is it a coincidence? As Tru attempts to get back to normal in the complicated world of high school, she learns she is far from ordinary and so is the world as she knows it. She is forced to look at the people in her life, the characters of her nightmares, and her own nature in an entirely new light.

Okay, I might have been in shock, but I was not stupid. Two giant-sized wolves had really been in my backyard. Zander could leap over tall fences like a freaking superhero. My arm had just healed itself. And big brother didn’t know if I was human or something else, and he wanted to do something to me that Zander didn’t want him to do, which, by the way, might hurt me. I did what most logical people would do in these situations—I ran. My plan: Lock myself inside, dial 911, have a panic attack.

Tru discovers her miraculous abilities, but so do others, others who would do almost anything to have her under their control.

How will Tru navigate the maze of her fractured life to become the person she is destined to be? And what is the cost?